After all these years one thing remains:

Chris Hammack loves to whittle and make people laugh.

Chris’ carving career began over 30 years ago after a thirty foot fall landed him in the hospital. During a five month convalescence he picked up a piece of firewood and a pocket knife and began carving caricatures, of which he had sketched as a young boy growing up in Texas. Within two years, Chris began competing in carving competitions returning home with First Place Awards.

The years following would bring national seminars, art pieces presented to U.S Senators, mayors and actors.  Equally, Hammack’s artwork has been featured on Leanin’ Tree cards for over twenty years.  Chris then started a successful business in Colorado and his art work went around the globe.  “ I was told one couldn’t make a living whittling.  I’m proud to have proved you can”, Chris says with a smile.

Today, Chris is back to his roots in Texas where he continues to create new characters/scenes and taking them straight to a fresh block of wood.  Through his artwork Chris shares his intuitive knowledge of the cowboy lifestyle and the humor therein. “A good piece of basswood,  a freshly sharpened knife and  a funny story; all great materials.” Chris proclaims.